Recommended Age 4-6 (30min)

This class is a great class for young kids who are new to martial arts. This 30 min class is perfect for kids between 4 and 6 years old. They will learn body coordination, discipline, and self-defense skills. Every class will follow with fun activities like judo-related games. 

Recommended Age 7 - 9 (1 hour)

This class is designed for kids between 7 and 9. This class focuses on basic judo fundamental skills and teaches students respect and discipline, which is the main idea of Judo. 

Recommended Age 8 - 15 (1.5 hour)

This class is recommended to kids between 8 and 15. This intense course focuses on “Old School Judo” which is the original form of Judo. The kids will understand the concept of Judo well by attending this class. They will focus on the correct postures and skills, as well as increasing strength. 

Recommended Age 9 - 15 (1.5 hour)

Intermediate Class is good training for any student that competes in Judo. We train hard, have fun, and develop good technique. We teach Olympic style judo, and have trained many champions. 

Recommended Age 16 and up (1 hour)

Adult Fundamental class is the perfect way for any adult to get started in Judo. Safety is our first priority, learning basic falls and movements before moving on to any difficult technique. Judo is hard, but it doesn’t have to be painful!


Black Belt Training is our highest performing class. Mostly black belts but with some brown and below, we train hard, throw hard,  and have a good time with each other. We have black belts in their 60’s and blue belts that are 16, all are welcome.